Tips to Choosing the Right Kitchen Cabinets for Your Home



Tips to Choosing the Right Kitchen Cabinets for your Home

Kitchen Cabinets form the backbone & aesthetics of every kitchen.

You should organize the cabinetry to make the most use and space of your kitchen considering its size and floor plan.

Go for cabinets that will build the atmosphere with a living room appeal in the kitchen.

Base cabinets with drawers get the most consideration and help you get contents put together in a more organized format.

Considering Wall cabinets – this helps to make use of high-up space for keeping irregularly used items and cookware.

Important Factors to Consider

Material Type

Picking up cabinets made of plywood is a wise choice because of the durability and longevity of this material.

But when thinking of cabinets with exotic looks – then look out for those made of mahogany or bamboo.

When it comes to aesthetics, it is hard to conquer the look and warmth of real hardwood

Medium density fiber boards are also very durable and flexible material for kitchen cabinets.

Particle board material types are strong and classy choice for lots of folk too.

Laminate wood material for kitchen cabinets seems to be the most widely used and is popular choice for many homeowners because of its distinctive finishing and durability.


Frameless cabinets offer more storage than old-fashioned rail-style cabinets.

Types of Cabinet Doors

Cabinet Doors come in various types such as inset, lipped, partial overlay and full overlay. They all have their special different looks and function.

The Inset cabinet doors have small hinges that are mounted right on the face frame. The hinges are normally seen when the door is shut. It is a traditional style from the early 1900s, and tends to be more expensive than other cabinet door types.

The Partial overlay cabinet doors are a new-age upgrade from inset and the construction also makes it conceivable to mount more functional hardware.

The Full overlay cabinet doors are the modern style with full overlay. This provides bigger drawers, smaller drawer guides and more space for storage but you have to take extra caution so the doors and drawers do not collide.

One more very important thing to note about kitchen cabinet doors and drawers – is the parameters of their firmness and the dimensions of the wood.